Tattoo aftercare 50ml

Shea butter is naturally antiseptic, so it is great when applying a tattoo, as well as for its subsequent treatment and care. It nourishes, regenerates and hydrates, so it also helps to enhance tattoos on the skin.

Country of origin: Ghana
Handmade, delicate nutty scent.
Color: yellow with African Mohinli flowers, supporting the antioxidant properties of butter.
Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii Butter, Cochlospermum planchonii extract.

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More about product

Shea butter contains natural antioxidants – vitamins A, E and F and unsaturated fatty acids.

100% natural and pure product, unrefined shea butter without pesticides and additives.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is used for dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

The tree from whose shea butter is made is called African Buttercup, it is also nicknamed the “tree of life” and is sacred to the natives. The fruits of this tree must not be plucked, harvested from the ground and harvested by women, as well as subsequent drying, crushing and pressing. It is also called “women’s gold”.